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Settlement Layerfor a Free Financial Market.

Trade on your terms Fast, Secure, and Private.


Confidential &

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Your Keys, Your Coins

Fully decentralized custody of your funds means your money remains solely under your command, as it should be.

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Own Your Data

Your wealth is guarded with absolute privacy and self-governance.

You decide who knows – your financial autonomy, uncompromised.

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Powerful trading engine

Leveraging a multi-tier architecture for enhanced trade efficiency and swift execution.

A DAO-Managed

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JayX logo

A free and open society is one where we possess the right to financial liberty, a right that remains unyielding regardless of our differing beliefs, skin colors, or nationalities.

It is the right to determine for ourselves exactly when, where, and how we wish to spend, invest, or store our wealth.

It is only in such a society that that freedom blossoms and true progress is made.

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